Possibilities of financial support

At the moment things are very different from former times. Some of you may get along well, some of you may cope with difficulites. If you need support in urrgent financial problems or just want to talk you can contact us (the contact you can see above).Then we try to find a solution together. Some information about the support you can find below. From April 20th we will answer your request.


Support from the Studentenwerk:



Support from the Churches:

The catholic and prostestand churches offer a supprt for student in financial needs for 3 month.We can help you, when you not only in the first but in the second semester or more, study for bachelor or master, are immatriculated in HFU Campus Schwenningen and have a "Aufenthaltstitel" for studing.

This documents we ask you to send for the support:

  • Aktueller Lebenslauf / Curriculum vitae
  • Studien-Leistungsnachweis / Current transcript
  • Studienbescheinigung / Certificate of enrolment
  • Visum/Aufenthaltserlaubnis / residence permit
  • Kontoauszüge / Bank account statement ( last 3 month)

Please also write a few sentence about your actual situation, where you are from and if you belong to any religion or not (it is no reason to support you or not, but we have to know). If you are protestant, please contact Märit Kaasch, if you are catholic, please contact Lucia Feuerstein. If you belong to another or no christian denomination or religion, just contact one of us.



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